3 Secrets to Stop Procrastinating

3 Secrets to Stop Procrastinating

Why do I accomplish some of my To-Dos, but delay, avoid, dread, and procrastinate over others? I always assumed the problem was me. Turns out it wasn’t.

It was frustrating. I’d put off the urgent, important, or meaningful tasks, unable to buckle down and start, until the day ran out. Then I’d vow, ‘I’ll get to it tomorrow… First thing… Or one of the first… Or…’

I couldn’t understand why I’d avoid simple jobs and manage to do other tasks quickly and easily. Even gladly!

Then I learned some simple reasons that instantly explained why I kept putting off some tasks and easily tackled others. Turns out, they were not all tasks. They were not all simple To-Dos. They were much more than that, a sequential stream of tasks. Understanding these distinctions made a big difference for me. I suspect it will for you as well.

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