5 Natural Alternatives to ADHD Medication (..that work)

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How can you cure ADHD naturally? Over the years I have figured out 5 ways to naturally and alternatively medicate adhd and have managed to almost completely quit my prescribed adhd medication. Prescribed medication such as ritalin, adderal, methylphenidate, concerta or other stimulants can have bad side-effects such as mood swings, feeling demotivated or for me: just being generally more frustrated.

The 5 ways are:
1. Exercise
2. Eating the right food (including supplements)
– Protein
– Natural Supplements:
Iron: v
Omega 3: d
Zinc: H
Vitamin C, B16 & B12: s
3. Mindfulness Meditation
4. Getting 8+ Hours of Sleep
5. L-Theanine and Coffee
L-Theanine: O

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