8 Signs You’re An Adult Suffering From Separation Anxiety


Separation anxiety is a serious problem that affects many adults. Here are eight signs you might be suffering from separation anxiety.
These eight signs correspond with the criteria of the 5th edition diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders.

1. When you experience separation from your home or other important attachments, or anticipate it or feel it, you are excessively stressed.
2. Fear is always present in the mind of someone you care about, such as them being involved in a car accident or getting sick .3. You are worried about what might happen to you, which could cause you to lose your beloved one.
4. Because of separation, you may refuse to travel to work or school.
5. Fear of being alone, without attachment figures at home, or with others.
6. Your attachment figure is your constant companion, so you can’t go to bed without her.
7. Recurrent nightmares are triggered by the idea of separation.
8. Just from anticipating the separation, you may experience distressing physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches and nausea.

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