Adderall & Vyvanse vs. Ritalin & Concerta – Tutorial

Key Point: Differences in Metabolism through CYP2D6 – AMP vs MPH – 2D6 videos explain: | AMP uses 2D6, MPH does not.
1: 05 Meds have to pass through the body to get to the mind.
1: 59 There are no cookie-cutter solutions to the complexity of the mind
1: 47 Neuroscience Experts: CoreBrain Journal – To change your mind – connect & listen:
Parker’s Book: “New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense”
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NB – Ref: Solanto, M, & Arnsten, A: *Stimulant Drugs and ADHD- An extensive, referenced book review for the details discussed in this video – Amazon Global:
Ref: Cozza, Armstrong, et al, ADHD Drug Interactions in clinical practice – Amazon Global: s

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CoreBrain Journal – More than 300 Experts interviewed on psychiatric diagnosis and treatment:

Defined: AMP=Amphetamine, MPH=Methylphenidate

=Link for Video to *Understand Balancing Serotonin and Dopamine for Anxiety, Depression, and ADHD – EFDExecutive Function Disorder Imperative to watch – essential to forward to your colleagues.

Experts agree: g

Video playlists Here For ADHD Metabolic Details:
ADHD Meds Tutorial — Overview:
ADHD Meds Dosage: s
ADHD Meds Problems — Mind and Gut:
ADHD Meds & Allergies — Milk and Wheat: n
Beyond Milk and Wheat — Street Immunity:
The Stimulant PM Drop — p

If you don’t get the AMP – amphetamine – and MPH – methylphenidate – differences you may settle for less with the meds, simply because you don’t get the necessary details in the first place.

To see the connection between brain science and common sense: evidence matters.

So many forget that reality does change and that the body is, in fact, connected to the mind. Imagine that. Basic metabolic, body-related imbalances often have far-reaching effects that encourage *unpredictable outcomeswith medication management.

Just think about this point: How many with ADHD are treated with stimulant meds – without paying attention to the specific attention-related targets? The short answer: Far too many.

My point on this: Many are treated for thinking problems – without specific thinking about the thinking process.

How can anyone get the meds right without precise targets? See this link for all seven YouTube videos I’ve produced on this subject – a useful ADHD Medication Tutorial – here: r

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