ADHD Aha! | Executive function and ADHD shame in women (Katy’s story)

Katy Weber’s ADHD symptoms took center stage during the pandemic. She was stuck in “waiting mode” and experiencing “time blindness.” And then she learned about executive function and dug into signs of ADHD in women.

Before the pandemic, the stereotypes that surround ADHD never felt relatable to Katy. Once she was diagnosed, she started talking to other women with ADHD and found her community. Now, she sees how ADHD shows up in her children, and she’s getting them the support they need — earlier than she got it.

Katy is an ADHD advocate and coach and the host of the “Women & ADHD” podcast. Katy had Laura on her podcast, and now it’s Katy’s turn in the hot seat! Check out Katy’s interview with Laura at s

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