ADHD Awareness Month Special: ADHD Behind The Scenes Panel (FREE)

ADHD Awareness Month Special: ADHD Behind The Scenes Panel (FREE)

Join me and 5 AWESOME guests at the FREE ADHD Behind the Scenes Virtual Panel on Oct. 7th! Our topic: “What It’s Really Like to Be a Successful ADHDer
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David Pomeroy MD: Founder of ADD Center of Bellevue, Targeting ADHD LLC, and Podcast Host of ADHD Focus – /
Eric Tivers, LCSW, Podcast Host for ADHD reWired. ADHD Coach – /
Lynne Edris ACG: Productivity and ADHD Coach, Podcast Host of ADHD Support Talk /
Ryan Mayer, MBA: ADHD Coach & Tiktok Influencer /
Britney Brown: Entrepreneur Tiktok Influencer ADHD Parent of 5 /
Aron Croft MS: ADHD Coach and Tiktok Influencer /


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NEW: 5 ADHD Motivation Mistakes You Must Avoid s
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AUDIENCE FAVORITE 10 Productivity Mistakes All ADHDers Make

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Clarity Questionnaire + Life Purpose Tool s
Atomic Habits c
Willpower doesn’t work r

Personality isn’t permanentUltralearning g

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To spread awareness about nonhyperactive ADHD (or what I refer to as “Hidden ADHD”) in order to assist others who are suffering from it. They should know what they can do to help. They should know they are not lazy, unmotivated, or willfully irresponsible. They should know that they have the potential to realize their full potential and live the life of their dreams.

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