ADHD CME: Prescribing Adult ADHD Stimulant Medications for Physicians , ADHD in Adults ADHD is a legitimate diagnosis with specific medical procedure for making the diagnosis, yet some physicians are hesitant to diagnose Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Doctors who treat adult patients should learn more about adult ADHD treatment options as well as the diagnosis process.

Anthony Rostain MD/MA, the Medical Director for the Penn Medicine Adult ADHD Program, starts by examining ADHD in adults as a diagnosis and address some of the hesitation doctors have in identifying and treating adults with ADHD. Physicians may be concerned with medical legal consequences that can occur if a patient is abusing or diverting federally controlled medication. Anthony encourages physicians to follow standard medical practices to avoid legal issues when prescribing ADHD medications.

Dr. Brendan Montano, a primary care physician, says he became more comfortable prescribing ADHD medication once he had a better understanding of ADHD and more exposure to stimulant medication treatment. Pediatricians use stimulant ADHD in childhood and have been familiarized with stimulant medications and Dr. Montano believes the same will occur for physicians that treat adults.

This video also features, Dr. Stephen Faraone, a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at SUNY Update Medical University, who explains some of the new developments in ADHD treatment options that reduce potential for stimulant abuse.

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