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So here is an update finally! I hope you all enjoy it! Below you can find a list of the topics that I touch on.

Does the medication still work for me?
How do I deal with the nausea?
Do I take it every day?
Do I recommend concerta?
Concerta side effects for me now?
How do you get tested for ADHD?
-there are some online evaluations
-but if you would like to gain the benefits of a diagnosis go to a professional. You can visit your local behavior health practice and see a psychiatrist.
How have I been coping with ADHD?
Do I recommend taking medication?
How do I deal with feelings of inadequacy due to my ADHD and learning disability/ dealing with depression?
Getting my diagnosis as an adult and being in the workforce.
Personality changes.
Somethings I found to be helpful with taking my medication.
Learning disabilities vid

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