ADHD Medication – Overview Rule #1 – Start Slowly

ADHD Medication – Overview Rule #1 – Start Slowly

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#ADHD Medications: How To Start Instructions

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Always consider the Therapeutic Window – Video here: w

Learn more about how your medications are expected to perform. This knowledge helps guide your treatment success; you will better understand if your medications are working correctly. e

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Vyvanse dosing strategies explained in detail here:

Immune Gut & Brain

Yes, water titration: an important topic since Vyvanse first came out, and this is the *single most visited post at CorePsych for over 8 years.*

To see the connection between brain science and common sense: details, evidence matters.

This point is #7: Take the Vyvanse capsule at the lowest dose, 20mg, break it 1/2 and pour the powdered contents into 2 oz of water in a measuring cup. Throw away the gelatin capsule.

We’ve had excellent results dosing down to 5mg using 4 oz of water on the 20 mg capsule of Vyvanse. And, yes, it’s OK in the refrigerator – just mark it so someone else doesn’t drink it. Do tell your doc, but rest assured, they won’t have a problem if you consider even more careful dosing.


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