Anxiety – The Pain, the Fatigue and the Dread

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Long lasting anxiety and panic can leave us completely drained and fatigued. We feel uncomfortable in our bodies and every single day can seem like a huge hurdle that somehow just needs to be managed, overcome and survived….

For me it started out with just panic attacks but over time the worries and that tension in my mind reflected onto my body. My body tensed up and everything started to become hurtful. It kept me from enjoying life even more than the panic attacks did. The tension was like a constant weight on my shoulders. I couldn’t think about anything else. All day every day I couldn’t shake off this feeling of discomfort. I had these knots in my back that I couldn’t stop thinking of. I would touch and massage them in the hopes to find relief but nothing worked. The tension created the typical anxiety symptoms such as a tight chest, numbness, headaches, tingling, insomnia and all the other symptoms so many of you are just too familiar with. In this video I will describe how a typical day for me and my anxiety looked like and I have eventually managed to overcome this feeling of dread and fatigue and recover from my anxiety disorder in general.

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The 5 books below are some amazing reads and I am 100% confident saying that they will help improve your mindset and ultimately help you on your road to recovery! So, if you are looking for books that I truly believe will help anyone with anxiety issues… these 5 are it!

I am not sure if I am obliged to write this here on YouTube, but if you do end up purchasing one of these books via the links below, I will get a tiny commission – BUT that’s not the reason I have posted them here.

These are simply AWESOME books that will help!

1. Can’t hurt me – David Goggins ( )

2. Breath – James Nestor ( )

3. Dare – Barry McDonagh ( )

4. Norman Doidge – 12 Rules for Life ( )

5. Unleash the Power Within – Tony Robbins ( )

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