Black women have ADHD, too. Why black women don’t talk about ADHD.

Black women have ADHD, too. Why black women don’t talk about ADHD.

This channel is for YOU, my Black Sisters & WOC, with ADHD. For every Black Woman willing to share her personal ADHD struggle, there are five more hiding ADHD in the shadows of shame and stigma. ADHD can make us feel inept, unqualified, and bring us down to levels of deep depression. It makes us question whether things can ever get better, rather we will ever just be “normal.” The answer is a resounding ‘YES’ you can be highly-functioning with ADHD without shame, without hiding, and without trying to make yourself “normal.” That’s what this space is for. It’s safe. I understand. Believe, I REALLY UNDERSTAND.

We need to be understood. We desire to be understood and accepted no matter how many times we lose keys, purses, forget appointments, or argue with co-workes who aren’t nearly as smart as we…they just seem to get their ideas across quicker while we’re figuring out how to collect our thoughts and ideas.
For those reasons and a thousand more, ADHD is the new BLACK is an important use of YouTube. Help other black women and WOC with ADHD find this channel by “liking” and “subscribing” This is one way we can lift up each other.

My article share: if you experience hypersensitivity to light, sound, certain fabrics, there’s a reason for that. See the article below.

See this article in ADDitude magazine about why your clothing tags drive you nuts!

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