Does ADHD really affect social skills?Reasons why chitchat makes you anxious. #adhd #socialskills


What it something I said?
I didn’t mean to interrupt. (Actually i did)
Blurting out things that have nothing to do with the conversation at hand.
Sound familiar?
Those are the more common examples of social skills challenges we ADHDers deal with, likely everytime we have to engage conversation with others.
For me it looks like this:
Large live audiences give me LIFE! But I can’t control my heart rate or sound intelligent when I’m forced to talk to only one or two people at a time.

ADHD causes key developmental delays at the age when we should be first learning social skills from our little kindergarten peers and playmates.

The point of our delay in development is the point at which we diverge from the “Normies.” Before long, many of us are asking ourselves “why doesn’t anybody like me?” And sadly, many untreated ADHD people will struggle to be understood in friendships, workplace relationships and intimate relationships for the rest of their lives.

But not YOU! You’re HERE and you’re going to learn why and how to empower yourself with life-changing tools…if you use them, that is.

For quick reference, this is a social skills checklist used by clinicians when evaluating ADHD (in kids but applicable to adults as well)

👉🏾Difficulty paying attention when spoken to, missing pieces of information
👉🏾Appears to ignore others
👉🏾Difficulty taking turns in conversation (tendency to interrupt frequently)
👉🏽Difficulty following through on tasks and/or responsibilities
👉🏽Failure to use proper manners
👉🏽Missed social cues
👉🏼Disorganized lifestyle
👉🏼Sharing information that is inappropriate
👉🏼Being distracted by sounds or noises
👉🏻Become flooded or overwhelmed, shutting down
👉🏻Disorganized or scattered thoughts
👉🏻Rambling or straying off topic during conversations
👉Ending a conversation abruptly

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