Ep. 5.2 5 Tips To Fix your ADHD Social Skills

Ep. 5.2 5 Tips To Fix your ADHD Social Skills
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Part two of the series ADHD Social Awkwardness and Social Skills. Pardon me while I expose my own awkward, insulting, feelings-hurting mishaps caused by my ADHD MOUTH.
If you’d like to assess your own social skills, here is a checklist (also available on the CHADD webpage.) (CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder))


Interviews and self-report questionnaires are the primary tools for assessing social skill deficits and interpersonal interaction problems in adults with ADHD. During the course of a diagnostic evaluation for ADHD (see What We Know #9, “Diagnosis of ADHD in Adults”), a mental health professional will thoroughly assess the social interactions of the adult. When questionnaires are used, it is important to include both a self-report by the individual with ADHD and reports by spouses, significant others, and friends on a comparable version of the questionnaire.

The questionnaire may include the following types of items:

-Difficulty paying attention when spoken to, missing pieces of information
-Appears to ignore others
-Difficulty taking turns in conversation (tendency to interrupt frequently)
-Difficulty following through on tasks and/or responsibilities
-Failure to use proper manners
-Missed social cues
-Disorganized lifestyle
-Sharing information that is inappropriate
-Being distracted by sounds or noises
-Become flooded or overwhelmed, shutting down
-Disorganized or scattered thoughts
-Rambling or straying off topic during conversations
-Ending a conversation abruptly

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Learn more about why ADHD adults, especially women, struggle with social interactions and creating lasting friendships…and what you can do about it, visit these links:

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder)

Succeed Socially:

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