GETTING DIAGNOSED WITH ADHD FOR FREE | how I got diagnosed with adhd at uni


Hey everyone,

Private ADHD treatment in the UK is by far the fastest way to get diagnosed, but it’s also mad expensive for most people (especially students) and not always accessible. Once diagnosed, if you also want to get treatment, you’ll have to pay cost and not the NHS prescription charges – £££, no one has time for that…

Luckily, there are options! You can go the ‘Right to Choose’ route, where you ask your GP to refer you to a private ADHD company (I went with Psychiatry-UK) to be assessed and treated and have it funded by the NHS.
Fairly soon after, you can get a virtual appointment with a psychiatrist that’s experienced in adult ADHD diagnosis, and undergo the titration process (aka finding out what dose of adhd meds would work for you) with a qualified nurse. You can then continue this with your GP!

Alternatively, you can start the process privately (as I did, because I hadn’t heard of the Right to Choose at the time I got diagnosed – wish I had) and then do a Shared Care agreement with your GP afterwards – this is what I ended up doing, and whilst the initial cost was a lot, I eventually was able to pay NHS prescription charges which meant instead of costing around £130/month, my adhd meds were like £20…much better.

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