How Concerta feels like

How Concerta feels like
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How Concerta feels like. How it changes your thinking and your mind.
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When I tried Concerta first time in late summer of 2017 I was shocked.

I took one 18 mg pill an hour later it hit me. I felt a little buzz in my brain. I felt this calm and balanced feeling.

The child had left, a balanced adult was here. I was walking slower, more focused, with more intent. I had this calm feeling yet I was productive.

I wasn’t running or jumping around like a Duracell bunny. I was more clear headed. I wasn’t stressing or having trouble to express myself.

It felt unreal. How can I feel like this?
We ADHD people live sometimes such wildlife that we forget what normal feels like.

Funny how it is. When you are without it, you are crazy and all over the place.

But now you take a pill and you are “normal”. When I m not it, I feel like a kid.

Best way to describe it calmness and balance in your mind.

Unlock your A-Game!

ADHD medication like Concerta is a wonderful tool for a person struggling with this. It’s a good tool when you are working in a demanding job.

You are being able to act more rationally and in a more calmer manner than normal.

You are not stressing about everything like you normally would.

For us ADHD people it’s like a godsend.

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