How Dream Unmasked His ADHD To Become A YouTube Star

Many people like Dream have unmasked their ADHD myself included if you would like to know my ADHD success story then watch here:👉 👈

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If you have never heard of Dream he has a massive YouTube following of over 28 million subscribers and is a genius when it comes to storytelling and Minecraft creativity.

Not too long ago her raveled he has ADHD!

Just like a lot of us that have ADHD we tend to want to mask our ADHD and not let others know we have it. It is scary to let the world know that you are different, that you learn things differently and see the world differently than others. But at the same time it is people like Dream that have found their super genius with having ADHD and are not be afraid to let others know they have ADHD so they can inspire others that struggle with it.

In this video I share with you Dreams ADHD struggles and successes so that it can inspire you if you struggle with your own ADHD.

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