How to tell your doctor the diagnosis is wrong


It’s no secret that people get information from the Internet. So you don’t need to tiptoe around this issue. But of course, you don’t want to say I think you got the diagnosis wrong. No one wants to start a conversation feeling criticized. The issue with your doctor or therapist is not that you read about a diagnosis, the issue is how you convey the information to your doctor. In this video I discuss how you can do this.

Go here to download the symptom worksheet s

Medication History Template
Current Symptoms started 3 months ago
List the things you feel are not right about you
Or List symptoms that correlate to something you read about
Time Factors
List how long the above symptoms last, you don’t have to be exact, it can be minutes vs hours vs days vs months
Past Symptoms
Any of your current symptoms happen before, if so when
Example I felt most of this stuff 3 years ago and it went away after a few months.
I’ve felt this way most of my life off and on since I was a teenager
Medication History
Current medications
Past psychiatric medications and bad reactions (include when you took the medicine. Last year vs 10 years ago?)

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Disclaimer: All of the information on this channel is for educational purposes and not intended to be specific/personal medical advice from me to you. Watching the videos or getting answers to comments/question, does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. If you have your own doctor, perhaps these videos can help prepare you for your discussion with your doctor.

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