I started ADHD Medication at 19 years old

I started ADHD Medication at 19 years old

Edit Feb 2022: the ever-so requested update video is up now:

Another edit: I take vyvanse. Idk why I didn’t mention that

Being told I had ADHD at 19 years old was unexpected on my end. Maybe if you’ve seen my videos before not so much….

Correction from the video: I mentioned three ‘varieties’ of ADHD: these are more just different ways it presents, not actually different forms of ADHD

anyhow, I feel joy now. SO that’s good. If you need help, please reach out to someone or a program you can trust 🙂

Online support & resources:

Canada Wide: 1
USA: /
Share any below

Information About ADHD: Don’t go self diagnose 😉




For any business inquires (or if you want to say hi or whatever idc): [email protected]

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Thank you for the support. I appreciate you all so much:)

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