Impulse Spending & Money Management | ADHD Podcast

Co-host Lynne Edris is joined by Rick Webster of Rena-Fi to talk about money management & impulse spending. Learn about spending styles and the keys to taking control of your financial life, with helpful tips and strategies to help you turn your money habits into financial strengths.

Rick Webster’s nearly four decades as a real estate entrepreneur have brought him a wealth of knowledge that his role as Rena-Fi’s CEO now brings to those who come into his orbit. Rick’s expertise in real estate and entrepreneurship derives from his varied career as a real estate broker, owning and running mortgage brokerages, renovating and managing rental properties, and  working with foreclosure, short sale, and loan modification strategies. In his capacity as CEO of Rena-Fi, Rick brings perspective, vision, and passion to an area of life he considers foundational personal money management. Visit Rena-Fi at

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