Making Relationships Work: The Unique Challenge ADHD & Autism Create

Making Relationships Work: The Unique Challenge ADHD & Autism Create

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We’ve talked a little bit about Relationship accommodations on the channel before, but today lets deep dive into what works and doesn’t work in my own relationship with my AuDHD partner! (Autistic + ADHD)

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00:00 Intro
00:31 Introductions
01:00 Relationship Accommodations (and AuDHD)
02:11 What’s Different Now?
04:11 Masking Your Neurodivergence
05:38 Working With Different Brain Types
09:05 Working Through Expectations
09:58 CoPilot
11:33 What We Do Differently Now…
12:47 Demanding From The Wrong Restaurant
13:45 Learning New Expectations
14:24 How Our Expectations Are Accommodated
17:28 Comment Below if Dr. B Is Not A Jerk!
18:05 Expressing Limits
18:29 Adjusting What You’re Asking For
19:40 Wrap-up
20:18 Thank You To Our Brain Advocates!
21:04 Outro

“The Show Must Be Go”, “Carefree”, “Life of Riley”, “Bittersweet”
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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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