Meth vs Adderall – More Similar Than You Think!

Meth vs Adderall – More Similar Than You Think!

When it comes to Meth Vs Adderall, there are some major similarities as well as differences. The first difference between Meth and Adderall being that one is prescribed(Adderall) and the other, (Meth) being an illegal substance.

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Let’s talk about Adderall first. Adderall is a prescribed stimulant medication to help people who have ADD and ADHD focus better. One major concern with Adderall being prescribed by a doctor is the appropriate diagnosis in the first place. Unfortunately, we have seen many cases of Adderall being falsely prescribed and can be an early onset that leads towards Crystal Meth use.

Crystal Meth has been around on the street for decades now. It is a stimulant as well that can be injected, smoked, nasally snorted, or eaten. While the effects of Crystal Meth are initially a rush of energy and focus, it quickly takes over and deteriorates your mind and body.

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