This video is about my personal experience taking adderall. I recognize that this drug does not effect every single person the same way. Please take what you need to hear from this video and disregard what does not apply to you. My intention in sharing this story is purely to shine light on to a problem that hundreds of thousands of people are struggling with.

“In 2012, over 116,000 people were admitted to rehab for an addiction to amphetamines like Adderall.” – found from

For further education and resources on this topic on this topic.
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Hii love, Alyse Parker here 🙂 I’m the lil’ human who shares videos on this channel about all things health, mindset, and manifestation. I’ve been sharing my journey on YouTube for the past 5 years + am so infinitely grateful for the community that we have co-created here together. If you strive to turn your dreams into reality + build unshakable confidence in who you are ~ then this is the channel + community for YOU. Welcome to my unique lil’ corner of the interweb, friend. 🤓Feel free to kick your shoes off, grab your journal, get cozy, and stay a whiiile. I trust you’re gonna fit in perfectly. 👽

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