My Awkward Black ADHD Day/ADHD VLOG/Stop being late/tips/Comedy VLOG/you are not alone/You are Okay

My ADHD days are challenging and sometimes awkward. Often it involes being late. But, that stopped with the simple tips I share towards the end of the video. (This isn’t a trick to keep you watching, it’s just, everything before that is much funnier.) Ha.

This ADHD VLOG is all about the Comedy and humor in ADHD. It’s also about solutions, just like the flagship show, ADHD is the new Black…only more casual and less labor-intensive.

My mission with ADHD is the new BLACK? To embrace Neurodiversity and creae a space for us that honors us…BLACK WOMEN AND WOC. Here’s to honoring you, your perspective and experience of being a Black Woman or WOC with ADHD.

If you recognize yourself in my “oops” moments, then LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, leave a comment, make yourself known! And for the love of Adderall, SHARE this video with someone who needs a hug from others who “gets” them. You are not alone in your challanges and more importantly, no matter where you are on your ADHD journey, YOU ARE more than OKAY!!!
I SEE you. l LOVE you!

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