Non-Medication Treatment For Depression by Robert D. McMullen, MD NYC Psychiatrist

In this video, we introduce Robert D. McMullen, MD who is a psychiatrist in NYC who has been performing psychopharmacology for over 30 years, the last 10 of which includes transcranial magnetic stimulation(TMS). Today, he will discuss some non-medication treatments for depression.

A recent study concluded that taking a multivitamin slightly increases your risk of cancer. Furthermore, for those who already have cancer, multivitamins further aggravate cancer by feeding it more folic acid and B12, which causes it to grow fast. However, having low levels of B12 contributes to depression.

Also, another study concluded that Omega 3 helps with depression as well. Omega 3 is important because the body has developed it’s Omega 3 levels over time to the point that our bodies now have 10x times more Omega 3 than Omega 6. In addition, brain cells are 45% Omega 3, which further demonstrates its importance in the body. In addition, the EPA found in a brand of Omega 3 called OmegaVia has been found to help with depression.

As far as the recommended dosage of Omega 3, a study performed on a person showed that 18 pills of OmegaVia per day work well for depression. Whenever the subject reduced the dosage to 10, he immediately developed some mild depression. However, the number of pills required to treat depression varies for each person.

In a separate study performed for other non-medication treatments for depression, they took a group of people suffering from depression and made half of the exercise for an hour under the supervision of trainers. The other half of the group was taken to a separate room where they were taught yoga for an hour. They did this study for an hour per day for 5 days a week. It was found that the group who did the exercises experienced a significant antidepressant effect. The study proved that performing vigorous activities such as exercising or walking for an hour at least 5 days a weekhelps with depression and improving one’s mood.

These are just some of the findings presented in the video regarding non-medication treatments for depression. Although there are still many studies performed on alternative ways to treat depression, many people are already turning to natural treatments to treat their depression, and therefore, change their lives for the better.

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Non-Medication Treatment For Depression

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