The Terrible Truth About Concerta

Let’s talk about my concerta experience. We’ll discuss the benefits, side effects and dosage of concerta during this video. It’s primary use it to treat Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In this video, you’ll hear hear an honest review on Concerta.

00: 00 Intro
00: 19 Video Agenda📑
00: 55 Transition From Ritalin To Concerta
01: 12 Benefits Of Ritalin😇
01: 25 My Dosage Of Concerta
01: 32 One Dose (Morning) / Day
01: 40 Does It Really Work?
01: 56 Who Is It Appropriate For?
03: 11 Withdrawals
04: 13 Concerta Vs Adderall
04: 49 Concerta Vs Vyvanse
06: 24 Consider This Before Trying Concerta
06: 45 Side-Effects
07: 30 Does It Initiate Fat Loss?
08: 18 Sleep Deprivation and Other Benefits Of Concerta

WELCOME to my youtube channel and during this video, I’m talkIng about concerta, this is 27 milligrams and it can do some miraculous things when it comes to helping you with your focus, concentration and mood. Let this video be your guide, we’ll go over my concerta experience. I’ll compare it to other alternatives, like: Concerta vs Adderall, concerta vs Vyvanse, Concerta vs Ritalin and I’ll go over some of the most common concerns about it, such as Concerta side effects, the Concerta dosage, concerta for a weight loss.

I used concerta for about 3 years on and off and it was my experience was that it is absolutely fantastic, it absolutely works… but the comedowns and the crash were bad enough to make it be an overall negative experience… and for that reason, I’m not a user and I never plan to touch the stuff again. Initially I began taking it after I used Ritalin. Ritalin was used to help me with school. They suggested it because I was having trouble studying… I would read and regress to the beginning of the paragraph repetitively, and it was just damn hard to pay attention. So, I was on Ritalin at a very small dose, and Ritalin was great… it would help you to concentrate for a couple of hours. However, it only lasted 2-3 hours and for this reason, I made the switch to concerta. I started at 18 mg and then went up to 27 milligrams.

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