The Truth About ADHD And Waking Up Early

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Trying to wake up at 6am everyday is not easy if your a night owl. If you are like me and needs some waking up tips and hacks then watch this video here: 👉 👈

If you want to see how my 7 day challenge of waking up before 6am went you can watch it here: 4

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Being someone that is not a morning person would role my eyes whenever someone would say “early to bed early to rise keeps a man healthy wealthy and wise.” I would hear this all the time and I would attempt several times to be a morning person but no matter what I would do I still could not change my body to be a morning person.

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So I figured all those attempts in the past were never consistent and never have I done it consistent for 30 days straight. So what the heck why not try to get up for 30 days straight before 6am to see if I become more productive, focused and energized.

In this video I share my journey to see if I could get up 30 days straight in a row before 6am without missing a day. And the bigger question to see if this would change my mind about early mornings and of course if Benjamin Franklins famous quote would actually make me more “healthy, wealthy and wise.”

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