Vyvanse & Antidepressants Don’t Mix: Prozac & Paxil CYP-2D6

Skeptical/Questioning? See this vid playlist with multiple confirmatory references: – *Please don’t ask about interactions – read the many references below.*
— Vyvanse & Antidepressants Prozac & Paxil don’t mix with either MPH or AMP stimulants – The Culprit – Liver Metabolic Pathway: CYP450- 2D6 The short-code for this video playlist:
1. See This PDF ref. from the Mayo Clinic: o
2. Additional Interaction Checklist: s
3. Book – “Drug Interaction Principles for Medical Practice,” Wynn, Cozza, Armstrong, et al. for details. Global Link Here:
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Remember this: Prozac and Paxil both significantly block the pathway for the metabolism of Adderall IR and all of the amphetamine products for ADHD treatment including Vyvanse, Dexedrine, and Adderall XR. If you take either of these two antidepressants together with an amphetamine, prepare for side effects and unpredictable behaviors.

You can significantly become overdosed on the amphetamine through drug interactions. Often the interaction can unpredictably occur several months later. The patient becomes toxic to the amphetamine, angry, irrational, can’t sleep, can’t eat, or can become dangerously destructive – even psychotic, or suicidally depressed. The Adderall/Vyvanse/amphetamine often gets blamed. The Prozac and the Paxil are the problems due to inhibiting the metabolism causing a toxic accumulation. I’ve seen this presentation thousands of times, not occasionally.

This specific pathway interaction is relevant also for Concerta and MPH [methylphenidate] products also blocking 2D6 when taken with AMP [amphetamine] products. – Never mix these two together.

I’ve seen these 2D6 reactions repeatedly in my office since first understanding these interactions in 1996 – It’s one of the main reasons I wrote: “New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science and Common Sense” – available in paper, eBook and Audible at this Global Link: d

To see the connection between brain science and common sense: evidence matters.

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