Vyvanse Water – Everything I Know So Far (Plus My Water Bottle)

I’ve received a few questions through this channel so far about Vyvanse water – or how to dissolve Vyvanse in water in order to achieve either a more granular dosage or to be able to use a dosage that isn’t available in your country. This is the water bottle that I’ve been using alongside the label that I printed up on my handheld label printer. I also talk about dosing intervals and a trick you might want to use to take Vyvanse before formally starting your day. This video reflects my personal experience using Vyvanse for the treatment of ADHD and is not a substitute for professional medical advice (nevertheless, I encourage you to *askyour prescribing doctor about Vyvanse water if what I have communicated interests you!)

By: Daniel Rosehill (danielrosehill.co.il)

==Production notes==*

Camera: Logitech C930E
Audio: Maono lavalier microphone
Lighting: Clip on lighting
Other notes:

(I write these for myself to help keep track of what equipment I’m using as I try to make better YouTube videos!)

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