What if you’re misdiagnosed? #adhd #shorts

What if you’re misdiagnosed? #adhd #shorts

Misdiagnosis can happen a lot with mental health conditions, and that’s because different mental health conditions can have overlapping symptoms, sometimes there’s more than one condition at play. It can get pretty complicated, so a really good thing to ask a Doctor who you feel may have misdiagnosed you is “Why this diagnosis? Why this and not something else?” or if they say “you don’t have it”, [ask] “Why not?”.

When I was twelve I was taken to a Doctor and he told my Mom that I couldn’t have ADHD because I had gotten good grades in elementary school. That’s a myth. You can be smart, you can get good grades, and still have ADHD.

So she knew to say “Thank you for your opinion, I’d like to see a specialist.”

[EDIT] Thank you so much for your patience! Again, apologies for getting the transcription up late. 🧡

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