What is ADHD coaching? How ADHD coaching strategies can help.

Stacey Machelle and special guest ADHD Coach René Brooks (Black Girl, Lost Keys) role play an ADHD coaching session to demonstrate how ADHD is executive function coaching and life coaching combined to cater to the Individual’s ADHD brain. Stacey, who has received ADHD coaching, believes the right coach can become a transformational coach. ADHD is a highly treatable condition. But, before you can treat the symptoms you must have ADHD awareness. If you wish to seek A diagnosis or begin treatment for your already diagnosed condition it is best to seek an ADHD specialist. DISCLAIMER: Stacey Machelle is highly knowledgeable and educated about ADHD and its management and Rene Brooks is a certified, Practicing and successful ADHD coach. However, neither is a medical professional And therefore cannot issue a medical diagnosis nor write prescriptions nor recommend a treatment plan. when seeking help on the Internet, please cross check the credentials and the sources of your information. There are many quacks claiming to be ADHD experts. In my opinion, (stacey Machelle ) the only real expert is the lived ADHD experience coupled with education and willingness to improve their lives with either self-coaching, strength-based goals or proven executive functioning strategies.

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