What is Apathy? How To Break Past It.

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Apathy is one of those mental states that can be very debilitating. You really don’t care about anything. Apathy can be defined as reduced motivation to engage in goal-directed activities across 3 domains: Initiative, Interest and Emotional responsiveness.

You can overcome apathy by working to achieve a flow state which is a positive mental state where you are absorbed in activities that are sufficiently challenging to keep you interested but are not too hard for you to feel mastery and control over the activity. What you do to get into a flow state depends on how you are wired. The assessment at the Flow Genome Project can give you some ideas of activities that you can pursue.

Gold J, Ciorciari J. A Review on the Role of the Neuroscience of Flow States in the Modern World. Behavioral Sciences. 2020; 10(9): 137.

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