What it feels like to take ADHD medication: My first day on Vyvanse (Elvanse)

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What it feels like to take ADHD medication? I’ve always wondered about it, so this is the story of my first day on Vyvanse (Elvanse). We’re talking about focusing, drinking and eating with the stimulant medication, sleep disturbances, and social skills. Hopefully, this helps you understand how an ADHD person in your life might feel or what you can expect from taking ADHD medication for the first time ever. It’s never like the first few days, but it’s still good to be prepared so you know what to do.

00: 00 ADHD medication
00: 40 The morning
01: 57 Working time
02: 35 Side effects
03: 49 The evening
04: 56 What it feels like

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