What It’s Like to Be ADHD and Black


There are many factors that affect our lived experience of ADHD. This is the first in a series of videos that will explore what it’s like to be ADHD *and.Given what’s going on in this country, I thought it was important to start with what it’s like to be ADHD and Black.

00: 00 Intro
01: 57 Meet The Brains
05: 42 Mental Health And The Black Community
10: 00 Masking and Code-Switching
12: 32 Dealing With Discrimination
19: 09 Moving Forward
24: 04 Outro
25: 03 Endcard

LINKS (in order of introduction):

Romanza McAllister, LCSW Social Action Influencer
ADHD Coach & Race Equity Advocate

Diyah Najah
Artist & Educator
www.ArtistDiyahNajah.com IG:@ArtistDiyahNajah

Roxanne Jarrett
Creative Productivity Facilitator
roxannejarrett.com / swellhead.com

Joseph Gitau

Loucresie Rupert MD
Child Psychiatrist/ blogger /consultant

Michelle Ford
Geek of mythic proportions

Junotta, BSc Nutrition

Stacey Machelle
Comic/ADHD Advocate

Autistic Tyla
Autism Advocate / Founder B+ND

Corey T Queen
The Dad Bod Podcast creator
@CoreyQ_2point0 (IG and Twitter)

Inger Shaye
ADHD & Executive Coach

Kini Foster
Software Engineer
[email protected]

René Brooks
Founder, blackgirllostkeys.com


For more education on racism, as suggested by our community:


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