What Triggers Mood swings in Borderline Personality

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Today’s video answers the question: what triggers the mood swings that you can see and borderline personality disorder?

One of the features of borderline personality disorder that make it look like bipolar disorder is having wide mood swings. I compared borderline personality disorder to bipolar disorder in this video.

But this gist of it is, with borderline personality disorder, you get quick shifts in mood that can last hours or even a day. Whereas with bipolar disorder, you get shifts in mood states that last for a minimum of four days for hypomania and two weeks for depression.

With borderline personality disorder, the shifts in personality are triggered by something, it just may not obvious what the trigger is at the time.
Here are some of things that can trigger your mood shifts:
Relationship problems
Feeling empty
Dissociative symptoms
Memories of trauma

Therapy is something that can help you make these connections so that you don’t have to be as overwhelmed by the emotions that seem like they’re coming out of nowhere. If you start by understanding that the intense emotions come from somewhere, then you can learn to accept the emotions, process them and let them pass without them overwhelming you. In dialectical behavior therapy you learn to do this with lessons on distress tolerance and emotion regulation.

There are a lot of strategies that are taught in dialectical behavior therapy. Take a look at this video I did on managing negative emotions. Thanks for watching. See you next time.

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