Where is my Money going?/ADHD Broke/Starbucks Broke/budgeting/finances/disorganized/money stress.

There’s “rich people broke” “white broke” “black broke” and “adhd broke”
ADHD is a chronic medical condition that touches every part of a person’s life, from relationships to job security to financial health.
Research finds that people with ADHD are far more likely to go into debt, make more impulse purchases, live pay check to pay check,, engage in risky financial behaviour (ex. high-interest loans), show great difficulty in planning for the future. Why? The pre-frontal cortex of our brains-the area that controls impulses and inappropriate actions in people who don’t have ADHD, isn’t strong enough in our ADHD brains without intervention or treatment.

Difficulty managing my finances is the deepest hidden shame of my whole adult life. Nobody wants a take care of a grown-ass woman every time she’s B-R-O-K-E. Especially not one with more than two jobs. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR MONEY?” Said every adult in my life.
And here’s the painful part: I read the budgeting for dummies books, TWICE. I watched the suzy orman videos, asked Iyanla to fix my life (she never returned my call).
This VLOG is meant to show you…that I am still on the journey of fixing my own life and having knowledge of my ADHD has been a giant. first. step. It’s still frustrating because it’s not a quick fix when emotions and self-limiting beliefs about money are still being worked through. But, I’m better today than I was one year ago…and each tip, budget tool and resource I learn can now be viewed through the prism of my ADHD and adjusted accordingly.

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