Why am I so anxious? Here’s the Answer

Why am I so anxious? Here’s the Answer

Anxiety is everywhere. It affects everyone to some extent. There are anxiety symptoms, anxiety disorders, and anxious personalities and temperaments. Which part of this spectrum do you belong? My new book, Why am I so anxious? has the answers. These are powerful tools for recognizing anxiety and restoring peace.

: What’s Inside?Chapter 1 Understanding Anxiety
Chapter 2 Anxiety Disorders
Chapter 3 Other Anxious Situations
Chapter 4 Anxious Personalities
Chapter 5 Prescription Treatments
Chapter 6 Complementary Treatments
Chapter 7 Psychotherapies, Other Non-Medical Treatments Chapter 8 Mind Tools
Chapter 9 Body Tools
Chapter 10 Behavior Tools
Appendix A: How to Recognize Target Signs
Appendix B What
Tools Can Help?Appendix C Aromatherapy Tips and Recipes Appendix D Emotions Chart
Appendix E Grounding Exercises
Appendix F Interoceptive Exposure Sheet

This book contains a wealth of information that will help you understand and manage anxiety.

It will be published August 16th. However, if you order before that date, you’ll receive a bonus guide with illustrated summaries, and sample fear ladders to assist you with exposure exercises.

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