Why women with ADHD have Shame. Coping with shame.

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Adults, and especially Black Women with ADHD, often feel so ashamed about the ways in which they struggle with responsibilities they often hide who they really are to even those who know them well. let’s talk it out. You are not alone! I am not a doctor nor a coach, I am a black Woman experiencing major improvement in my life from treating my ADHD

ARTICLE on the stigma of ADHD SHAME

Self-Test from ADDitude Magazine:

Immune Gut & Brain

Note: you can only receive an official diagnosis and medication from your physician. Preferably, one who specializes or well-learned in Adult ADHD. That’s another episode.
There are only a few of us Black Women talking about it. Please add your voice to the conversation so we can support each other and remind ourselves that there is nothing wrong with us!

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