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It’s just so casual ~ how you wrap your arms around my neck
It’s to the point where I can’t ignore the things you’ve always said.

Hit me like Add er all and put me back in my place.
Away from you, still in plain view.
(I think it’s better alone, left unspoken)

Is all am a mess to you?
Just help me see this through.
I know you see the worst in me and I see the worst in you.

Let me know, if I’m overstepping chemicals.
The ones that tell you that your better alone.
Let’s see what’s buried inside,
I think you’ll find maybe it’s better left unsaid.
It’s all innocuous

Set me aside, leave me out to dry
Whatever makes you feel alright
Dub me again so I can make up my mind
Set me aside so you can feel a glimpse of absent mind.
When we both know this isn’t working.

Does it make you feel the same?
When we try and fail?
No sense to hide away in shame
(When I just want you to…)

So, I’ll stay silent as you hoped I would
I think I’ve said enough
Your actions seem to bite your tongue
I’m sick with running from these ample thoughts still building up
I’ll stay away and let the silent air escape this thought
When you come back around don’t act the same as when you left

Directed by Alex Zarek

#wilmette #mutantleague #poppunk

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