You have ADHD. Congratulations! How your diagnosis can save your life. #adhd #adhddiagnosis

You got it, now you know..but what is it?
ADHD diagnosis can literally save your life. Long term studies show that people who never treated their ADHD have, on average, a lifespan 13 shorter than people who actively manage ADHD or people who don’t t have the condition at all.

Why? Long-story, short: ADHD negatively impacts a person’s mental health, their ability to plan for the future, their ability to manage finances due to impulsivity or a co-existing condition related to comprehending numbers, risk-taking behavior and an overall lack of support from people who don’t understand why those of us with ADHD engage in self-sabotaging behavior.
Guess what? We don’t understand either…unless we work really hard to seek answers.

Self-Test from ADDitude Magazine: />
Article on the stigma of ADHD Shame /

Note: you can only receive an official diagnosis and medication from your physician. Preferably, one who specializes or well-learned in Adult ADHD. That’s another episode.

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