Caffeine and ADHD: How Do Caffeinated Drinks Affect ADHD

Caffeine and ADHD: How Do Caffeinated Drinks Affect ADHD

#Caffeine and ADHD: How Do Caffeinated Drinks Affect #ADHD

Stimulant therapy is the most commonly used treatment for ADHD. These drugs can help improve focus, attention span, and control impulsive behavior.

Caffeine is the most commonly used stimulant and most well-known drug in the world. It can be found in tea, coffee, chocolate, soda and many other foods.

Although there have been a few studies that looked into the effects of caffeine on ADHD symptoms, the results were mixed. Although caffeine is a stimulant it’s not recommended for ADHD treatment. It hasn’t been proven to be as effective or as safe as prescription medication.

How It Works
Caffeine and stimulants like caffeine increase the chemical levels in your brain that are needed to send messages. Dopamine is one of these chemicals. It is linked to pleasure, attention and movement.

ADHD doctors will often prescribe stimulants to improve your focus and calm. Research suggests that caffeine in tea may be effective for ADHD. Studies have shown that it can increase alertness and concentration.

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Scientists believe caffeine could be used to treat ADHD. This is because it increases dopamine levels in rats, which improves memory and attention. Another study found that hyperactive rats who were given caffeine before going through a maze showed better results. This suggests that caffeine may improve spatial learning. These studies are fascinating, but rats aren’t humans.

The Downside
Higher amounts of caffeine than 400 mgs are more likely to cause problems, including:

Migraine headaches
Upset stomach

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