Day 4 – FOCUS – Real Or Fake Symptom? | 29 Days Of The Anxiety Guy

Day 4 – FOCUS – Real Or Fake Symptom? | 29 Days Of The Anxiety Guy
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In day 4 of 29 days of the anxiety guy we re-focus our attention on what’s important for long term anxiety healing. Since the symptom of anxiety is a result of compounding experiences that have turned into anxious habits, it’s our duty to ourselves to turn our attention back onto the cause of anxiety.

Many health anxiety sufferers spend an excessive amount of time trying to distinguish between a physically led anxiety symptom from an emotional one. The truth is they’re all based on repressed emotion and memory anyway.

That is why today’s anxiety guy video is so important.

I want to help re-direct your focus away from anxiety symptoms and towards long term anxiety healing. Deep down this is what we all want anyway. It’s just that many of us are fearful of that unknown world, even if it is a more positive place to live internally.

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