Selling Adderall to Students as an Undercover Cop

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Students were eager to buy the “Study Drug” when I asked them if they needed a “boost” during Finals week. This is an undercover cop selling Adderall to students. This whole video is fake, and you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet. I’m not surprised that the video was created by a young man like me. He calls it a “social experiment”. In this case, 99 is a 100 that’s been staged to make it viral and make them lots of money. Trust me, I have been involved in this industry and genre of YouTube for many years. It’s not Reality TV to stage a social experiment. It is misleading the public and creating a negative perception of society. These cancerous videos should not be shared. I won’t lie to you, for the record. Thank you for watching and for subscribing. – Andrew Hales

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