Story Time – First Day Taking Adderall – The ADHD Mama

What is it like to take stimulant medication? What was the first day like? Well, it was both amazing and terrible. Medication truly helps millions of people all over the…

First day on a Concerta/ ADHD journey/ part 2

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First Month on Adderall!

New Video!: “Who Am I? – 200 Subscriber Special” –~–The Adderall vlog is back! My first month on Adderall was very interesting! I had plenty of ups and downs due…

Cale’s first day on Vyvanse!. OMG!!!

Doctor put him on Vyvanse and he turned into a chatterbox.

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Adult ADHD: My first day on Concerta.

This video documents my first experience using Concerta to treat my ADHD.


These are my initial thoughts on Vyvanse. Twitter – z Insta – / Contact –

ADHD @ 28 – First day on Concerta

Switching To Elvanse (Vyvanse) From Concerta (Generic) 💊 First Impressions

How to get a Diagnosis ➡️ Join this channel to get access to perks ➡️ n Please note I am not a medical professional. After 3+ years on Concerta/Methylphenidate, I…

First Day on Concerta / ADHD Journey / Part 1

This is a vlog of my first few days on Concerta for ADHD. This is my first time taking medication for ADHD. I apologize that the video is so long,…