TMS or ECT for Depression Treatment

Have you ever considered the possible use of electroconvulsive therapy to treat your, or a loved one’s severe depression? Do you feel like this may be the last option available after everything else has failed? There may be a better option that has fewer side effects and much higher success rates with less time needed for recovery.

Dr. Robert McMullen is a psychiatrist that specializes in the medical treatment of various mental illnesses, including depression. He prefers to use more traditional treatments for depression, such as psychotherapy and will refer his patients to a qualified psychotherapist whenever possible. However, when standard courses of therapy fail to cure the more severe cases of depression, both electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) have been used successfully to achieve lasting recovery.

In this video, Dr. McMullen explains the differences and similarities between the two therapies, the treatment methods, treatment times and success rates. Intractable depression can respond well to both TMS and ECT, but TMS can have far fewer risks and side effects than ECT. This is because TMS is a more gentle treatment and requires no anesthesia or downtime for the patient. Dr. McMullen also explains the interesting history behind the discovery of ECT, why it works to cure depression and how the treatment has developed over the years.

Also, you will hear about a few of the more unusual types of cases he has treated in his own practice and why TMS has proven to be more beneficial for these particular situations. Finally, he will explain that there are some cases, such as severe delusional depression, that may actually respond better to ECT. However, TMS may still be recommended even in these unusual cases because there are no barriers to longer courses of treatment and no need to use anesthesia or miss time from work.

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